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Plymouth Parking Brake Cable

Plymouth Van Parking Brake Cable
The uses for the Plymouth Parking Brake Cables are more than just keeping your vehicle in place when it is parked on an incline. The parking brake cables are also used in the manual braking system your Plymouth has to help stop the vehicle just in case there is a brake hydraulic failure.

There are a total of three Plymouth parking brake cables in this system. There is one leading from the passenger compartment to the center section under the vehicle. This is where the other two parking brake cables are connected to it and are split off. From there they are attached to the rear brake assemblies. This is why this system not only holds your Plymouth in place on an incline but how it can slow the vehicle down and stop its forward momentum.

Because the frequency in their use is not that often, the failure of the parking brake cables is a very rare occurrence. When a failure does happen, it is upon the initiation of the system. When the cable in the passenger cabin is engaged and tightened, a snapping sound and feeling will be noticed by the driver of the Plymouth. When this is felt, the cables will have to be replaced before the system is functional again. The cause for the snapping of the cable is generally from the cable fraying due to stress on it over time and exposure to the elements that could have caused rust to accumulate on it.

The replacement of the parking brake cables is very simple. The ends are held in place by a U shaped slot. Once the old ones are removed, the new ones can be put into place and the adjustment made to bring them tight which make the system operational once again.