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The Toyota Parking Brake Cables are in position to hold your vehicle in place when it is being parked on an incline surface. It is the standard way this component and system is defined. The information most Toyota owners are unaware of is that the parking brake cable and its system is also the manual braking system on your vehicle.

There are a total of three parking brake cables on each Toyota that has been produced. There is one connected to a lever or pedal in the passenger compartment that the driver can use to apply tension to this manual braking system. This cable leads back under the vehicle to a union. At this union are two more parking brake cables attached to it. Each one of these cables led to the rear brakes on the Toyota.

The reason for the installation of the Toyota parking brake cables is to activate the rear brakes manually when the vehicle is operating or standing still without there being any drain on any system, hydraulic or electrical, so the vehicle will remain stationary or can be safely brought to a stop.

To release the pressure on the parking brake system equipped with a lever has a button on them. For the models with a floor pedal, there is a lever just above the pedal that has to be pulled. If those devices are not initiated, the tension on the parking brake cables and the rear brakes will remain in place. When using the parking brake system as a manual braking system when the vehicle is in motion, those releasing devices must be held in place releasing the tension so the cables can be flexible in the amount of force they are applying to the rear brakes so the wheels do not lock up.