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Parking Brake Lever & Boot

Aftermarket & OEM Parking Brake Lever & Boot

A broken parking brake lever will not permit the operator of a vehicle access to this safety feature. This is the system that was designed to help keep the vehicle stationary when it was being parked on an incline. This lever and the system of cables below it are protected from dust in the passenger compartment by the parking brake lever boot that is placed at the base of the lever where it comes in contact with the counsel or floor pan. When this lever is non-functional, tension on the cables activating the parking brake cannot occur.

The parking brake lever is a metal component that is rigid in its structure so an operator of a vehicle can pull on it or push it to create tension in the cables. The cables are connected to the rear brakes and prevent the rear wheels from rotating no matter what type of incline the vehicle is parked on. The parking brake lever boot is a polymer composite component that fits over the opening so no debris from under the vehicle can enter the passenger compartment and no debris from the passenger compartment can drop onto the braking cables. The parking brake system is also the manual braking system on a vehicle that can help to slow its momentum in an emergency situation.

The replacement of the parking brake lever and the cover boot requires that the cables below the passenger compartment be discommended. For safety reasons, blocks should be placed on both sides of at least one wheel to make sure the vehicle does not roll during the repair procedure. With the cables disconnected, the bolts holding the parking brake lever to the floor pan should be removed and the area cleaned of any excessive debris that might be present then the new one pout into place with the proper tension on the cables.