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Chevrolet Parking Lights & Turn Signals

The Chevrolet parking lights and turn signals don't really help the performance of your car, but they do help keep you safe. Their sole purpose is to help other drivers around you to see you and know what direction you intend to travel. If any of the bulbs are not working, this safety device will not work to its fullest capacity. The position of the parking lights and turn signals is chosen for maximum visibility on your Chevrolet. They are located at the front of your car near the headlights on each side, and are typically amber or orange in color. Each one of them contains 1 or more light bulbs and is sealed so moisture from the outside of the car is not permitted to enter. If moisture enters thru a faulty seal or crack in the Chevrolet parking lights and turn signal assemblies, then the bulb can be shorted out and become non-functioning. If there is a failure of just one of the parking lights or turn signals on your Chevrolet it could affect the others, making them non-functioning. This is most often noticed when a turn signal lever is used but the light on the dash does not blink and remains steady. The owner of a Chevrolet can test parking lights and turn signals themselves. With the lights on but not necessarily the head lights, the owner should walk around their car and look at each assembly. If a light is not working, the bulbs should be inspected for possible failure. With the turn signal lever active the front and rear turn signal lights should be viewed. Again if a light is not on, then further inspection is required. By having the parking lights and turn signals working properly at all times increases the visibility of your car to others you are sharing the road with. In most states it is also a requirement of the law.

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