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Ford Parking Lights & Turn Signals

The advantage of properly working Ford parking lights and turn signals on your vehicle is so other drivers around you are not only aware of your presence but will know if you decide to make a change in direction your vehicle is going. The location of the parking lights and turn signals on your Ford vehicle are in each of its front two corners. They are facing both the front and to the side so drivers in front and next to you can be informed of your presence. Of the parking lights and turn signals, it is the turn signals that are required by law to always be functional. On some Ford models, these lights are the one and same. The replacement of the Ford parking lights and turn signals is a task the car or truck owner can do themselves. As with all tasks done on a vehicle that involves an electrical component, the battery should be disconnected for safety reasons. The tools required for this task are simple screwdrivers with a flat head, Phillips and or the star formation. The exact one or ones you will need is determined by the model of your vehicle. The reasons for the replacement of the parking light or turn signals are due to an accident or the result of vandalism. These are not components on your vehicle that will wear out over time except for the bulb units. Replacement parts are available at many auto parts stores but usually they have to be ordered. This is why most Ford owners that need replacement parking lights and turn signals order them online. They can usually be delivered to your home or office within a week, and will look just like they did when your car was new.

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