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PCV Engine Oil Separator Trap

Aftermarket & OEM PCV Engine Oil Separator Trap

Engines run on gas and air and the intake system on your car works hard to suck the air into your engine. Your vehicle may have a positive crankcase ventilation system that works to clear the crankcase of excess exhaust gases. PCV systems were introduced on cars in the early 1960s. This part not only helps to reduce emissions but also increase the life of the oil and helps to keep the engine clean. The PCV engine oil separator trap helps to clear the oil that may get caught in the exhaust. If the oil is not regular changed it can clog up in the trap. This can result in the motor burning oil and smoke coming from the exhaust. If it is not taken care of it may cause significant and expensive damage to the engine. Changing the PCV engine oil separator trap can reduce additional engine damage.

Here are some general instructions to give you an idea on how to change out the PCV engine oil separator trap. Make sure to have the right tools, gloves and plenty of light. Locate to the trap in the engine compartment and undo the clamps or hoses holding it on. Replace it with the new part and make sure that it is properly secured into place. While you are there you may want to inspect other parts of the PCV system such as the crankcase vent, the breather tubes, the valves and the air filters.

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