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GMC 3000 PCV Valve

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Select Your VehicleThe vehicle in your driveway is head and shoulders above the rest compared to all the other vehicles currently being driven today. Obviously, you didn't buy your 3000 unless you understood you would be getting horsepower and great value both rolled up into one automobile. It's not every day that you realize that you have to buy a replacement PCV Valve to repair your automobile. Car aficionados appreciate the a brand you can trust built into each GMC, and know that only the best replacement 3000 parts will suffice when repairs are needed.

What PCV Valve does for your vehicle.

Achieving maximum fuel efficiency while reducing emissions on your car or truck depends on your use of properly functioning exhaust and emissions parts. The engine in your GMC 3000 gives up some efficiency and emissions, and it uses a PCV valve to control its positive crankcase ventilation. Almost always mounted above your cylinder head in the valve cover, your GMC 3000 PCV valve is a one-way valve that receives the escaping exhaust blow-by from the crankcase and routes it into the intake. This is much better than simply venting it into the atmosphere, which is what all engines did before they were equipped with a positive crankcase ventilation valve.

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