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If the engine on your car, truck, or SUV is making a knocking or clicking sound during idle the piston pin bushings may be worn or damaged. The first thing you should do is check the engine oil level to see if is at the appropriate level. If sufficient oil is present and these noises persist then worn bushings are probably creating this issue. This situation must be corrected as soon as possible to avoid extensive damage to the motor. Bushings are designed to absorb wear to protect other internal engine components. Early detection and accomplishing the appropriate repairs at this point will prevent damage to the pistons and connecting rods. Internal engine components come with a large price tag and devices like piston pin bushings protect them.

Piston pin bushings are constructed utilizing lighter weight metals such as copper, brass, or bronze. They are pressed into the connecting rod inside the engine where the piston pin is inserted to secure the piston. They incorporate lubrication ports to reduce the friction and wear applied to the pin. The pins are designed to facilitate smooth piston operation during the combustion process. They provide a lubricated pivot point for the piston pin reducing the amount of wear and friction they endure during engine operation. This process is essential for the piston to move freely.

Depending on the car, truck, or SUV involved in this process replacing the piston pin bushings may require engine removal to accomplish. You should obtain the specific technical manual for your vehicle and engine to guide you through this procedure smoothly. In some circumstances it may be possible to remove the cylinder head and the oil pan to accomplish this repair with the engine assembly remaining in the engine compartment.

When purchasing internal engine components there is absolutely no room for error or compromise. Piston pin bushings must be the exact OEM replacement part required to meet the specifications of the engine. Car Parts Discount is a leader in the industry that has quality internal engine components that you can depend on to accomplish successful repairs. They provide an excellent customer experience that you will remember and return for all of your automotive products.