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Chevrolet Piston Ring

It is the Chevrolet Piston Rings that create a seal in the combustion chamber around the pistons so the full force of the explosion can be utilized. Each set of piston rings made for a Chevrolet engine not only contain the upper compression rings but also the three piece oil ring. This is how the sealing capabilities of a moving engine component are made possible.

The Chevrolet piston rings are made to slip onto the piston. This is accomplished easily because these are not solid rings of metal. Each one has a slit in it that goes through the ring. This makes it possible for the piston ring to slightly expand when it is being placed on the piston. Each of these small openings on the piston rings must be offset from one another for the seal to be effective in the cylinder. If that is not done then the pressure created by the explosion of the air and fuel moisture will simply blow by the seal creating pressure in the crank case. The efficiency of the Chevrolet engine will also be adversely affected.

Not only does the opening on the piston rings need to be offset, but there is an up and downward side to each of the rings. If the rings are placed on the piston upside down, the effectiveness will again adversely affect the operations of the engine. By looking at the piston ring closely a bevel edge can be seen. This is the side that should be facing the combustion chamber in the engine.

When new rings are being placed on an old Chevrolet engine, the cylinder should also be honed so the new seal the rings are creating will be the best possible seal.

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