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Dodge Piston Ring

The Dodge Piston Rings is only available in sets of three. This includes the two compression rings and the oil ring. Each cylinder in your Dodge engine has all three of the piston rings in place so the pistons can move and allow compression to be maintained along with the ability to be lubricated.

The leading reason for the need of replacing the Dodge piston rings is when the owner of the vehicle does not perform the routine oil changes on time. With contaminated oil flowing through their engine, including in the pistons and cylinder walls, the wear is increased significantly. This reduces the amount of compression each cylinder is capable of producing robbing the owner of horse power.

The replacement of the piston rings requires the oil pan to be removed with the connecting rod bearings so the pistons can be pulled from the engine. Most Dodge technicians also remove the heads at this time. It is easier to hone the cylinder walls from on top of the engine than from below. It is also easier to clean up the debris from the honing process. This honing of the cylinder walls is how the new piston rings will be able to be seated in the cylinders properly.

The placing of the compression rings on the piston require that the beveled edge be facing the heads. The opening on each of the rings should also be offset from the next one. This way the blow by is reduced.

Below the compression rings is the oil ring. This is the piston ring that lubricates the cylinder walls. It also has to be replaced at the same time as the compression rings so your Dodge engine will operate as expected.

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