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Oldsmobile Piston Ring

It is the set of Oldsmobile Piston Rings that not only holds the explosive power in place on top of the piston but makes it possible to lubricate this fast moving engine component. The piston rings fill in the very small gap between the piston and the cylinder walls in the interior of your Oldsmobile engine.

The important of the Oldsmobile piston rings cannot be understated by anyone who has ever had an engine with a worn set of rings in it. Not only does the compression leak by into the crankcase robbing the engine of power, but oil smoke is billowing out of the exhaust pipe.

To help keep the compression high above the piston, the top two piston rings are compression rings. These are only in place so the blow by from the explosion of the fossil fuel is kept to a minimum so the maximum amount of pressure can be used to propel the pistons downwards in the creation of power for the driver to use. The lower piston ring in an Oldsmobile engine is called the oil ring. This has the purpose of providing lubrication to the cylinder walls so excessive heat is not generated from the traveling of the piston inside of the engine.

If you have a need to replace the set of piston rings on your Oldsmobile, make sure you place them on correctly. The compression rings have a bevel edge on them. This bevel should be placed on the piston angling down. This makes it possible for maximum amount of compression with the minimum amount of friction to be generated. The opening on all three rings should also be offset so again the maximum amount of compression can be achieved.

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