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CRP Power Steering Line - Pressure

CRP (Continental Rubber Products) began its automotive parts business in 1954, and operates out of four facilities in three countries; stocking and shipping from Cranbury (NJ, USA), Freemont (CA, USA), Mississauga (ON, Canada), and Puebla (Mexico). They supply the North American aftermarket with over 10,000 replacement parts like engine mounts, timing belts, and oil pan gaskets. They also manufacture high quality power steering hoses, oil and air intake filters, weatherstrips and seals, and a whole lot more. CRP is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, which means they have shown the ability to consistently provide a product that meets or exceeds customer and regulatory requirements.

Within the power steering system lies two sides, the high side and the low side. The high side, more commonly referred to as the pressure side is under a lot of stress and is more prone to failures. Eventually the rubber hoses dry out and begin to harden and crack. CRP power steering lines are a great choice when you need a replacement.