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Buick Power Steering Pressure Line & Hose

The ability of the Buick Power Steering Pressure Line Hoses to provide a sealed conduit for the transfer of high pressure hydraulic fluid from one location to another is the reason this type of system can operate on your vehicle.

While it might be possible to design the components of your power steering system to be interconnected, the increase in price of the vehicle prohibits it. This is why the use of the power steering pressure line hoses on your Buick is required.

Because of the space confines under the hood of your Buick, the power steering pump is located on the passenger side of the compartment and the steering box is on the driver?s side. It is the Buick power steering pressure line hose that make it possible or the pressurized hydraulic fluid to be moved from one side of the vehicle to this other in a closed looped system.

The weak point of the power steering pressure line hose is the polymer component of the hose. This is just the nature of polymer to break down and leak over time. Today there are reinforcement fibers placed in the hoses to help give them a longer life, but in time they will fail and spring a leak.

To identify a leak that originates from the power steering pressure line hose should be done when there is pressure in the system. For that to occur the engine has to be running and the steering wheel has to be turning. A visual inspection of the power steering pressure line hose can then occur with an inspector looking for a small fountain coming from them where the breach in the closed loop system is occurring. This is why on your Buick; this inspection is a two person task.

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