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Cadillac Power Steering Pressure Line & Hose

The Cadillac Power Steering Pressure Line Hose running from the power steering pump on the passenger side of the engine compartment to the steering box on the driver side will supply the required hydraulic fluid for the assistance the driver is use to in maneuvering their vehicle on the road.

In the power steering system, it is the power starring pressure line hoses that has to hold in the greatest level of pressurized hydraulic fluid for this system to function as it was designed too. If a leak of any kind is in this hose, then the hydraulic fluid will leak out at a rate that will render this system inoperable in a very short allotment of time on your Cadillac.

The size of the power steering pressure line hose is just smaller in diameter than that of a typical garden hose. The inside is considerably smaller than that of the garden hose. This is done on purpose so the thickness of the walls of the power steering pressure line hose can withstand the extreme pressures exerted on it by the hydraulic fluid. Not only are the walls thicker but they are also reinforced with fibers for added strength that helps to give this polymer hose a long life on your Cadillac.

Over time a leak will occur in the Cadillac power steering pressure line hose due to the stresses exerted on it from being used. The owner will know this has occurred when the steering wheel begins to jerk because of the lack of hydraulic fluid in the power steering system. There will also be a puddle of clear oil under the front end of the vehicle. Until the power steering pressure line hose is replaced on the Cadillac, the steering system will not be able to operate properly and the vehicle will be unsafe to operate on the road.

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