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Chevrolet Power Steering Pressure Line & Hose

The stress exerted in the Chevrolet Power Steering Pressure Line Hose is extreme. This is the force behind the power assistance that helps the driver to manipulate the wheels direction with as little amount of input force as possible. If there is even a small breach in this power steering component it will reduce the amount of pressure that will be transferred to the steering box.

The power steering pressure line hose is connected to the power steering pump on one side of the Chevrolet and to the steering box in the other. In the power steering system, this is the power steering pressure line hose that has to withstand the greatest level of pressure. It is constructed of metal in places and of a reinforced polymer in others. It is the polymer section of the power steering pressure line hose that will have a breach in it if this component is leaking.

A breach in the Chevrolet power steering line hose will be the leak in the system that will lose the largest amount of hydraulic fluid the fastest. This is due to the high level of pressure that is passing through it. Because of this there will a very small allotment of time from when the leak begins and a loss of power steering that can be accessed by the driver of the Chevrolet will occur.

If a puddle of clear hydraulic fluid is seen running across the front of your Chevrolet on the pavement then the power steering pressure line hose should be suspected of having a breach in its contaminant. When the fluid level is low a jerking feeling in the steering wheel will be felt and a repair should occur immediately before total power steering failure occurs.

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