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Chrysler Power Steering Pressure Line & Hose

There are both the Chrysler Power Steering Pressure Lines and Hoses on your steering system to help provide adequate conduits for the pressurized hydraulic fluid to flow through. Both of these conduits are specially made to withstand the extremely high pressures of this system that is required to assist in the turning and maneuvering of your Chrysler upon demand by the driver.

The reason there are both Chrysler power steering pressure hoses and lines on the system is because of their purposes in the way they provide the hydraulic fluid. The power steering pressure line is the connection from two stationary components in the system. Since both are in a fixed position there is no need for any flexibility in them. This component is constructed of a very thick walled tubing that should last for many decades unless it is punctured by external force like an object coming up from the road or a technician dropping a tool with some force behind it. If a leak does occur in this conduit on your Chrysler, it will appear as a fountain when the power steering system is under a load.

The power steering pressure hose is the conduit that transfers the hydraulic fluid from the power steering pump to the power steering box. This component has to be flexible and crosses from one side of your Chrysler to the other. The walls of this polymer hose are very thick and reinforced with fibers to help it withstand the extreme pressures placed upon it by the power steering system. In time this polymer will break down and a fountain of hydraulic fluid will appear coming from it when the system has a load on it.

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