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Dodge Power Steering Pressure Line Hose

It is the Dodge power steering pressure hose that supplies the pressurized hydraulic fluid to the steering box so the driver will not have to use too much force to change the direction the vehicle is going. The power steering pressure line transports the pressurized hydraulic fluid that the power steering pump is generating across the front of your vehicle for use by the steering rack and pinion. This is a high pressure line that has pre-bent metal sections to retain pressure and a section in the middle made of a reinforce polymer material for expansion. The outside diameter of the power steering pressure hose is smaller than the return line hose so the pressure it is transferring will not diminish as it is transported from one point under the hood of your Dodge to another. If a leak does occur in the Dodge power steering pressure line, the hydraulic fluid will leave this closed loop system in rapid fashion. This is due to the high pressure of the fluid as it is being transported. This loss of hydraulic fluid will almost immediately be felt by the driver of the Dodge by the shaking and jerking of the steering wheel when they attempt to maneuver the vehicle in traffic. As the hydraulic fluid leaves the system through the hole in the power steering pressure hose not only will there be a puddle of this fluid under the vehicle, but air will be replacing the hydraulic fluid in the power steering system. This is why the steering wheel will be jerking in its movement. Until the power steering peruse hose is replaced on your Dodge, the ability of the driver to easily maneuver the vehicle will be seriously impaired.

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