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Nissan Power Steering Pressure Line Hose

The ability of the Nissan Power Steering Pressure Line Hose to contain the hydraulic fluid as a high pressure conduit is how this system can transport the necessary hydraulic fluid from its point of origin to where it is needed.

The Nissan power steering pressure line hose is connected to the power steering pump on one side of your vehicle and to the power steering box on the other. The reason for this is so all of the components can fit under the hood of your Nissan in a functional manner.

The hydraulic fluid is pressurized in the power steering pump and sends this to the steering box through the power steering pressure line hose. Because of the intense pressure of the fluid, if there is even the smallest breach in the power steering pressure line hose, the hydraulic fluid will spray out at a high volume level. Because of this high rate in the loss of the hydraulic fluid, the driver of the Nissan will begin to feel the negative effects on the power they have in turning their Nissan. This will be in the steering wheel needing more effect by the drive to maneuver the car and a jerking in its movement.

With the rupture in the power steering pressure line hose and loss of hydraulic fluid, air will begin to enter the system. This is the source of the jerking feeling in the steering wheel. If this rupture is not fixed in a short allotment of time, total power steering will be lost.

Once the new power steering peruse line hose is replaced, the entire system must then be bled of any trapped air in its system before it can be returned to operational status.

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