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Oldsmobile Power Steering Pressure Line & Hose

The containment ability of the Oldsmobile Power Steering Pressure Line or Hose is how the power steering system can utilize the pressurized hydraulic fluid efficiently. This is the component that delivers the pressurized hydraulic fluid from the power steering pump to the steering box on the other side of the vehicle. If for any reason this contaminate line has a rupture in it. The loss of hydraulic fluid and pressure will almost immediately be felt by the driver of the Oldsmobile.

The need for the power steering pressure hose is because of the limited space under the hood of your vehicle. The weak point in the power steering pressure line is the polymer hose itself. It is reinforced with fibers, but the stress placed on it will cause a rupture in time. When this rupture occurs in the power steering pressure hose, the hydraulic fluid will be lost at a rapid rate.

The loss of hydraulic fluid from the hole in the power steering pressure hose will be felt on the steering wheel. Its direct effect will be that the steering wheel will be more difficult to turn and a jerking feeling in the motion. The jerking is from the air that has entered this closed loop system from the rupture in the Oldsmobile power steering pressure line.

The driver of the Oldsmobile will know there is a problem not only by the way the steering wheel feels in the maneuvering of the vehicle but also because of the large oil puddle under the front of the vehicle. The only solution is the replacement of the power steering pressure line. This will close the system on your Oldsmobile so full power steering can be restored.

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