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Plymouth Power Steering Pressure Line & Hose

The transport conduit that is named the Plymouth Power Steering Pressure Line is the path the hydraulic fluid flows from the pump to the steering box. This enables the driver to utilize this system so maneuvering is made easier.

The power steering pressure hose has both metal and polymer sections to it. The polymer section is reinforced but will eventual have a break in the walls after some time. This is due to the extremely high level of pressure being exerted on it from the power steering system. For most of the power steering pressure lines, this breach will not occur for many years.

When a break in the contaminate of the hydraulic fluid does occur, the loss of fluid will be rapid. If you are doing an inspection a break in the power steering pressure hose it can be easily identified because the fluid will be coming out like a small fountain from it on your Plymouth. This can only be seen when there is a load on the system and there is fluid in the reservoir.

If the owner of the Plymouth is driving their vehicle when a break in the power steering pressure line occurs, they will be able to feel a stiffness in the steering wheel. If this leak is not repaired in a short allotment of time, total power steering failure will occur.

The Plymouth power steering pressure hose can be replaced by the owner. After the new part is in place the system has to be bled of air. The air entered the system through the break and will negatively affect the system if it is not removed. Once done your Plymouth is ready to return to service.

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