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Pontiac Power Steering Pressure Line & Hose

The Pontiac Power Steering Pressure Line contains the hydraulic fluid after it leaves the power steering pump and transports it across the front of your vehicle to the steering box.

The power steering pressure hose is made of both metal ends and a reinforced polymer hose that is of a small diameter. This small diameter makes it possible to maintain the pressure which it leaves the pump at so it can be successfully delivered to the steering box. This is why the Pontiac driver has to place such little input in effort in turning their steering wheel.

Because the power steering pressure line is containing such a high pressure and volume of hydraulic fluid, when it has a leak, the hydraulic fluid will leave this containment area in a rapid fashion. The resulting action the driver of the Pontiac will notice will be the stiffening in the turning of the steering wheel.

Once air has replaced the hydraulic fluid in the power steering pressure hose, the steering wheel will also begin to jerk when the driver attempts to place input into it. This will happen once the hydraulic fluid level in the reservoir has been depleted and is now on the pavement below the vehicle.

To locate the leak in the Pontiac power steering pressure line, a load must be on the system and fluid flowing through it. Then the inspector can visual see the leak which should appear similar to a fountain. Once it is located and the power steering pressure hose is identified as the faulty part, it can be replaced. Before the Pontiac vehicle can be returned to service, the air in the power steering system will have to be bled out for the system to function properly.

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