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Buick Power Steering Return Line & Hose

The Buick Power Steering Return Line Hose is the low pressure side of this hydraulic system. This allows for a pathway of the hydraulic fluid that has been moving the steering components and has to be moved out of the steering box so pressurized fluid can enter.

The power steering return line hose does not have to handle the same high pressure hydraulic fluid as the pressure line does, but there is a limited amount of pressure still in this conduit that must be contained under the hood of your Buick.

The construction of the Buick power steering return line hose is made with reinforced polymer built to handle the load. Just like all polymer components on your Buick, it will fail in time from the stresses that are exerted upon it and time of being exposed to the elements your vehicle encounters over its lifespan.

The testing for a leak in the power steering return line hose is the same as the pressurized hose; this is when there is a load on the system. With the engine running and a person turning the wheel, the inspector has to be looking at the power steering return line hose so the breach in its containment of the hydraulic fluid can be pinpointed. Once it is located a replacement power steering component can be put into place.

The first indication that might be a problem with the power steering return line hose on your Buick will be a puddle on the ground under your vehicle. In a short allotment of time from the leak beginning, the steering wheel will also begin to jerk. This is the first physical indication there is a problem with your steering system.

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