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Chevrolet Power Steering Return Line & Hose

To replenish the hydraulic fluid after it has been used in the system is the Chevrolet Power Steering Return Line Hose. This is the part of the power steering hydraulic system that transfers the hydraulic fluid from the steering box back to the reservoir in the power steering pump.

The power steering return line hose is easy to distinguish from the pressure line hose since it is larger in diameter on the front portion of your Chevrolet. This is a common feature of low pressure side of systems on your vehicle. This larger area to allow for an increase in flow, volume and reduces the friction while remaining at a lower pressure.

The walls of the Chevrolet power steering return line hose are thinner than those on the pressure side of the system and are made of a reinforced polymer. In time the polymer sections of this component will develop cracks and create a breach in the system.

Because the power steering return line hose is in the reservoir portion of this system, a breach in its containment will not be felt immediately which allows for the Chevrolet owner more time to react and have the repair procedure completed.

To identify the power steering return line hose, it is connected to the power steering pump on one side of the vehicle and to the steering box on the other. Since it is a larger diameter than the pressurized line hose, it is easier to see. A leak is harder to identify since there is lonely a little amount of pressure in the power steering return line hose and the use of white powder might be necessary to pinpoint the leak's location on your Chevrolet.

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