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Dodge Power Steering Return Line & Hose

The Dodge Power Steering Return Line Hose runs from the power steering box back to the power steering pump on the opposite side of the engine compartment. The power steering return line hose is the low pressure return line so the hydraulic fluid can be reused in this closed loop system. It is of a larger diameter than the pressure line that feeds the power steering box with fluid on your Dodge.

The Dodge power steering return line hose can be located in the lower section of the engine compartment in front of the engine. This line has metal ends but is connected by a reinforced polymer hose. In time this polymer will dry out and can rupture. The Dodge owner will first become aware of this rupture with the presence of a clear oil puddle under the front end of their vehicle. Since the power steering return line hose is just filling up the reservoir in the power steering pump, a leak in it will not immediately affect the performance of this system.

The best way to pinpoint the rupture in the power steering return line hose is to clean off the entire hose first then cover it with baby powder. With the engine running and the steering wheel being turned, an inspector should then look for a wet spot in the baby powder. The leak will only be a dribble since there is only minimal amount of pressure in this hose.

Since this is an unpressurized section of the system the replacement of the power steering return line hose does not require the repair technician to bleed the system of air on your Dodge. It does require the filling up of the reservoir with hydraulic fluid in the power steering pump.

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