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Oldsmobile Power Steering Return Lines & Hoses

The low pressure level that transverses in the Oldsmobile Power Steering Return Line and Power Steering Return Hose is the leading reasons a leak in this hydraulic component is so hard to pinpoint. These components are the pathway for the hydraulic fluid used in the power steering system to go from the steering box back to the reservoir in the power steering pump that is located on the opposite side of the vehicle.

The Oldsmobile power steering return hose and line are of a larger diameter than the pressure line that is feeding the steering box with the force to assist the maneuvering of the vehicle for the driver. This larger space allows for the flow to be less constrictive. It is this lower pressure and fewer constrictions that makes it hard to spot a leak in the power steering return line and hose on your Oldsmobile.

There will be no immediate impact of a leak from the power steering return line or hose on your Oldsmobile system. The fluid that is leaking was intended to be filling in the reservoir for future usage so it will not be missed right away. The first indication that is a problem is when a puddle of thin clear hydraulic fluid is noticed under the front section of the vehicle. If this goes on for too long of a time, then it will affect the ability of the Oldsmobile to have power steering since the fluid level in the reservoir will be drooping. The leak from the power steering return hose or line will only appear as a dribble so it is best to clean the components with a rag before attempting to pinpoint it.

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