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Chevrolet Power Steering Line & Hose

It is the Chevrolet power steering lines and hoses that supply the hydraulic fluid to the power steering unit which makes it easy to turn the steering wheel. Even the smallest leak will cause this system not to function properly. On Chevrolet models, the power steering lines are located in the front of the vehicle connecting the power steering pump to the hydraulic steering box. Because of the pressure inside of this system when being operated, a leak can be easily located by a visual inspection of all of the power steering hoses and looking for what would appear to be a small fountain (because of the pressure) of oil coming out. The engine also has to be running during this inspection. The reason a leak of the Chevrolet power steering line and hose must be located is so the car does not have a steering failure when traveling down the road. If a leak does occur in a power steering line or hose, the drop in available hydraulic fluid will permit air to enter this otherwise closed system. Since air and hydraulic fluid are compressed to a different amount, the steering wheel will feel jerky and sluggish. The driver of the Chevrolet will also find it difficult to turn the wheel. Another way the owner of a Chevrolet can know if there is a leak in the power steering lines and hoses is to be observant of any puddles under their car. This hydraulic fluid will only appear under the front section of the car. It is also thinner and cleaner that motor oil. This puddle can be on either side of the vehicle. If one is noticed further inspection as described above is highly recommended.

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