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Chrysler Power Steering Line & Hose

It is your Chrysler power steering lines and hoses that provide the path of the hydraulic fluid for your steering system to assist you in turning your car with less effort. The power steering lines and hoses connect the power steering pump to the steering gear box. If a leak does occur in the power steering hose, the driver will be able to feel it in the manner the turning motion of your Chrysler's steering wheel is affected. This will be a jerking and stiffness in the wheel. The reason for this feeling is because air has entered this otherwise closed loop hydraulic system. A leak from the power steering lines can first be noticed if there is a puddle of clear oil in the front portion under the Chrysler. This hydraulic oil is cleaner and thinner than motor oil. If this system is suspected of having a leak then a visual inspection of the system should occur immediately. This will help to prevent total steering failure. The Chrysler power steering line and hoses should be inspected with the engine running and the system being put under a load. By looking under the hood at the power steering lines and hoses when the load is placed on the system, a leak, if present, will appear as a fountain emanating from the hole. When this is seen, the failed part must be replaced to make this hydraulic system a closed loop system again. Once the new part is in place the power steering system will also have to be bled to remove all of the air trapped in the system so your Chrysler's steering will return to what you except.