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Dodge Power Steering Line & Hose

The only purpose of the Dodge power steering line and hose is to transfer the compressed hydraulic fluid from the power steering pump to the steering box. Since this hydraulic fluid is under an extreme amount of pressure, the power steering hoses must contain absolutely no leaks. If any leak does occur it will adversely affect the efficiency of the power steering unit and make it hard to steer the car or truck. The location of the Dodge power steering line and hoses are in the forward section of the engine compartment near the lower end of it on your Dodge. If a leak does occurs, a clear thin oil will puddle under the vehicle in this area. This oil is cleaner and thinner than motor oil so it can be easily distinguished as different. If a puddle under your engine is noticed and the steering wheel begins to shudder or becomes harder to turn when attempting to steer around a corner, an inspection of the power steering lines is an appropriate thing to do on your Dodge. By having your Dodge running and the hood open an inspection of the power steering hoses can occur. With a load on the power steering system, the inspector should be looking for a small fountain of oil being sprayed from one of them. This spraying of the oil is also the place where air will enter this closed loop hydraulic system and cause the shuddering in the steering wheel. If a leak is detected then the power steering line or hose has to be replaced. If that is not done, power steering failure will occur in the near future and maneuvering your vehicle will be very difficult or impossible.

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