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Oldsmobile Power Steering Line & Hose

With the Oldsmobile power steering line and hoses free of leaks, the transfer of pressurized hydraulic fluid can travel to the steering box where it will be transformed to mechanical motion. This makes maneuvering of the vehicle easier for the driver. On all Oldsmobile's there are power steering lines that connect the power steering pump to the steering gear box in the front of the vehicle. If there is a leak in any of these hoses, air will enter as the hydraulic fluid leaves, impairing this system's ability to function as it was designed to. The reason for this is that air can be compressed significantly but hydraulic fluid cannot. A driver of an Oldsmobile will notice there is a problem when the attempt to turn the steering wheel and it begins to jerk or the turning motion is extremely hard to accomplish. The most likely cause of this action is a leak from one of the power steering hoses. By inspecting under the vehicle for any puddles, the knowledge that the vehicle has a leak can be verified. Knowing there is a leak in one of the Oldsmobile power steering line or hose is one thing and identifying the correct failing component is another. Since it only requires a pin size hole to cause a problem in this pressurized system an inspection of the power steering lines and hoses must be done when the system has pressure in it. This makes it possible to positively identify the location of the leak on your Oldsmobile by looking for a small fountain or spray of hydraulic fluid emanating from the hole. Once located, the failing power steering hose can then be removed and replaced returning your steering system to an operational status.