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Pontiac Power Steering Line & Hose

The pressure contained by the Pontiac power steering lines and hoses is tremendous. This is part of the power steering system that transports the pressurized hydraulic fluid from the power steering pump to the steering box and then back to the reservoir. If there is a leak or puncture in the power steering hose, this system will no longer be a closed loop system or be able to perform its duty on your Pontiac. Not only does the hydraulic fluid leak out, but air replaces it. Air can be significantly compressed unlike hydraulic fluid which cannot be compressed. The effects of a leak in a Pontiac power steering line or hose can be instantly felt in the steering wheel when the driver attempts to maneuver the vehicle. This will be a jerking motion or stiffness in the way the steering wheel reacts to input from the driver. If the leaking power steering line is not replaced, all assistance to maneuver the vehicle will be lost in a short allotment of time. An inspection of the power steering line and hose under the hood of your Pontiac should be done when the system is has pressure in it. This is accomplished with the engine running and the steering wheel being turned. The leak will then appear as a stream or fountain from the hole while pressure is being applied. Once the leak is found and the faulty part identified a replacement can be purchased and installed on the Pontiac. Once the new power steering hose is in place, the hydraulic system will then have to be bled of any trapped air before it will function as expected.

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