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Aftermarket & OEM Pushrod Tube & Seal

Some engine configurations incorporate pushrod tubes to house the pushrods, and the seals on these components must be maintained appropriately. These devices must be serviceable to maintain the oil within the system and lubricate the rods as required. If you are required to add oil on a regular basis, you should inspect the motor for evidence of possible oil leaks. If you discover oil or residue around the tubes, the seals must be replaced immediately to avoid permanent damaged to the engine. The leading cause of motor failure is insufficient lubrication due to the presents of unattended oil leaks. The majority of most engine rebuilds and replacements could have been corrected through early detection and appropriate repairs.

Push rod tubes are incorporated on most Volkswagen and Porsche motors due to their configuration and design. This concept was also utilized on the Chevrolet Corvair and Corvair truck in the 1960?s. Most engines have the push rod houses incorporated into the cylinder head assembly. These motors are an exception to this concept by having external pushrods housed in tubes. To maintain sufficient lubrication within the tube, rubber seals are installed at both ends of the tube assembly. This same configuration is integrated into several other motor designs and is most well known in motorcycle engine applications.