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Some exterior accents on a vehicle can greatly enhance its appearance and prime examples of this are quarter panel emblems. These devices can become worn or damaged over time and require replacement. In some circumstances they may become detached and lost. If they are composed of separate pieces and parts of them are missing rendering them incomplete then the defect attracts immediate attention. Missing emblems that were original equipment will have a negative impact to a vehicle appraisal. When you are restoring a classic car it is essential to replace these devices to complete a successful restoration that you can be proud of. Quarter panel emblems can also be added to an automobile to dress it up and accomplish a unique appearance.

Quarter panel emblems are incorporated to compliment the exterior appearance of a car and can be constructed utilizing several different materials. They were first introduced on luxury cars such as Cadillac Deville and Chrysler Imperials. Their popularity just increased from there with the 1957 Chevy Belair definitely attracting attention to this concept. Then in the 1960's muscle cars really took this concept to another level incorporating them on almost every make and model manufactured. They displayed features including the engine size and specific models such as SS or GT and really made them stand out from the basic models.

The complexity level when you are installing or replacing quarter panel emblems can go from one extreme to the other depending on the installation method used. In some situations they may have retaining devices on the inside of the fender. If the use of adhesive materials is the installation method then the surface must be thoroughly cleaned. All of the residue from the previous emblem must be removed entirely before installing the new one.

When buying exterior components like quarter panel emblems you must keep in mind that they are a huge contributing factor to the first impression of the vehicle. They are the first thing that will catch someone's eye when they see your car or truck. Car Parts discount has a wide variety of products to dress up the exterior appearance of all your vehicles with unbelievable low prices.