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Aftermarket & OEM Quarter Window Seal

The most common type of failure for a quarter window seal is simply age. Over time, and repeated exposure to the sun and the elements, it will start to crack and become brittle. When this happens, you may see chunks missing, or you may find large cracks around the outside of it. With cracks or chunks missing, it may allow air or water into the passenger area of your vehicle. After a rain, you could open your door to find a puddle in the back seat. This can result in more damage to the interior of the vehicle and much higher costs than a seal alone would be. Or driving down the highway, it could cause a very annoying whistling sound. If the quarter windows on your vehicle are stationary, meaning they don't swing open at all, the quarter window seal could be partially responsible for holding in the glass. If this is the case, having an old, brittle seal could allow the glass to fall out while driving, which is definitely not a good thing to have happen. If your vehicle has a glass piece that swings out, or opens in some way, it's not as much of a safety issue to get the seal replaced, but it could cause the aforementioned water or air symptoms.

Quarter window seals are typically made of EPDM rubber, which is a blend of rubber and plastic. It's designed to be soft enough to deform its shape when pressure is applied, but also rigid enough so it retains its shape when pressure is removed. Another material they're made from is silicone; however silicone is typically only used for sunroof seals since they tend to receive more heat from direct sunlight. Some manufacturers produce a coating that can be applied directly to the quarter window seal that will resist UV radiation and increase its life.

Replacing a quarter window seal should be done by a qualified body shop, but if you choose to replace it yourself, you'll need the right tools and you'll need to be very cautious not to cause damage to the body of the car or the glass. We've provided some very basic steps below to replace your seal, and since every car or truck is different, some of these may not apply.

  • Remove any body panels necessary to reach the edges of the glass.
  • Very carefully remove the glass and weather strip from the vehicle. This may require special tools and/or knowledge. Consult a body shop or repair manual for details concerning your vehicle.
  • Separate the weather strip from the glass. Again, your vehicle may be different in how the seal is applied to the glass.
  • Clean the glass and the body attachment area very well so there's no residue remaining.
  • Fit the quarter window seal to the glass and fit the glass to the vehicle with the same attachment method that was used originally.

A cracked or leaking quarter window seal is a nuisance and it can result in damage to the interior of your vehicle if left unchecked. With a new, properly installed seal, you'll avoid costly interior repairs and have peace of mind knowing your quarter window seal will be leak-free for years to come. Car Parts Discount has these seals for a variety of vehicles at the lowest possible prices.