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Each Dodge radiator core unit has hundreds of channels for the coolant to flow through and dissipate the heat that was transferred away from the engine. The basic radiator core is made as a replacement part, and includes end tanks soldered or welded onto each side so it can be used in your Dodge. All radiator cores become partially or totally block over time in their service life. This is the consequence of having a closed loop system that contains water and coolant. It is the water component that has dissolved solids where the problem exists. These solids drop out of solution and become adhered to the walls in the Dodge radiator core. For Dodge owners that flush their coolant system each year, the damage to the radiator core from the buildup of solids is minimized. It is the owners that neglect their coolant systems that eventually pay the price of ignoring this periodic maintenance procedure. The buildup of solids in the coolant system reduces the size of the channels where the coolant flows and dissipates the heat. The smaller the channels, the less efficient this process becomes and the danger of overheating of the engine increases. To prevent this, the coolant system should be flushed annually and not just drained of the old coolant. This flushing not only removes all of the old coolant but a large amount of the deposited solids that are present in the system. If the annual maintenance of the radiator core on your Dodge is performed as scheduled, the chances of your coolant system become clogged is minimized over the life time of the vehicle. This also makes it possible for the engine to more consistently be cooled over its lifetime of service for the owner of the vehicle.