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The cooling power of the Pontiac Radiator makes it possible for your vehicle to maintain a constant temperature no matter what the weather conditions are. The radiator is the heat dispersing unit located in the front grill of your vehicle. The engine coolant flows through it so the heat can be properly dissipated.

The flow of the coolant through the radiator is made possible by the upper hose that is also connected to the thermostat housing on the engine. This is where the hot coolant will enter the Pontiac radiator. Then the coolant filters down through the channels and the heat is dissipated through the fins on the channels before the coolant exits the bottom and back to the engine by the pull of the water pump.

It is the owner of the Pontiac that is responsible for the flushing of the radiator of its coolant along with the particulates every year. The particulates are the dissolved solids that were in the coolant and water that deposited themselves in the cooling system once the coolant was heated and cooled again.

The radiator is flushed by starting the engine and placing a water hose in the opening where the fill cap is located. The upper coolant hose should also be disconnected so as the coolant leaves the engine is flushed out of the system. This will remove all of the old coolant and particulates that are present in the cooling system in your Pontiac. With all of the coolant out and the upper hose only returning clear water, the process is over. The engine can be turned off and the bottom coolant hose removed so the contents in the cooling system can be removed. Then the system is filled up again and your Pontiac is ready for another year of service.

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