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Aftermarket & OEM Rear Trim Panels & Moldings

Interior rear trim panels and moldings make your car's interior more comfortable and more attractive. These panels cover the interior portions of the car and often house or cover up insulation and sound deadening material. These panels may become cracked or discolored after many years of being pulled or pressed or being out in the sun. When they break or look bad it can make your interior look very old and out of date. It can also expose the metal or wiring inside the vehicle leaving it open to damage. Replacing the rear trim panels and moldings will resort the interior back to its original look, enhancing the appeal and value of your car. It is also a requirement if you are going for a concourse quality restoration back to its original look.

Car designers have always tried to make the interior of the car better looking and more comfortable to the passengers. Rear trim panels and moldings were inserted as a way to prevent the passengers of a car from just seeing the other side of the sheet metal. They are often soft to the touch and grained. Trim panels are usually made out of plastic but could also be vinyl covered cardboard. They are usually painted or dyed to match the interior color. They may also have cut outs for speaker grilles, cigarette lighters, or armrests.

When you are ready to install the rear trim panels make sure that have the correct parts and all the tools that you need for the job. Clean the interior out first and the new parts. Be sure to paint the parts if you need them to match the interior. Remove the original panels if they are still present. Be careful to hold onto any screws or clips. With the panels removed, check for other places or rust or damage that may need to be repaired or replaced. Match the panels to the correct place and then screw or bolt them into place. If you are unsure how to put them in, then take the car to a qualified interior restoration shop.

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