Aftermarket & OEM Rear View Mirror

Visibility of your surroundings when you're operating your car, truck, or SUV is essential and your rear view mirror facilitates this process. We use our rear view mirrors a lot more then we realize until it becomes unserviceable and creates a huge frustration issue. They increase your overall awareness of the situation while you are driving down the road. Most attentive drivers are constantly glancing at the rear view to alert them to take appropriate action if a vehicle is approaching from the rear. Emergency vehicles such as law enforcement, fire department and ambulance services depend on your mirror to be operational as much as you do. They are sometimes required to approach from the rear at a high rate of speed and rely on you to see them and pull over immediately. It is vital that we know what is behind us especially if you are backing up the automobile. It is very common for rear view mirrors to become unsecured and they must be repaired as soon as possible. Appropriate preventive maintenance and repairs when mirrors are involved is very important to safe operation of a vehicle. A safe mode of transportation for yourself and your family is essential.

The concept of the rear view mirror was introduced over a hundred years ago by Ray Harroun who was a race car designer and driver in 1910. At this point in time race cars had two seats and a mechanic would ride with the driver and alert him of the surroundings and conditions behind him. Harroun designed a stylish one seat race car manufactured by Marmon to compete in one of the first Indianapolis races. Because there was no room for someone to ride with him and guide him he installed a mirror so he could see behind him. Automotive manufactures seen this innovation and began incorporating rear view mirrors.

Rear view mirrors have various mounting procedures and designs depending on the car or truck involved in the process. If you're conducting the repair on an older classic automobile it may be mounted to the top of the window frame using a few mounting screws. On most vehicles they are mounted directly to the windshield using a mounting pad to secure it. In some circumstances you may be able to use the existing mounting pad and secure the new mirror with the appropriate set screw. You should mark the location of the mirror on the outside of the windshield. Clean the surface thoroughly before installing the mounting pad. The adhesive that fastens the mounting pad needs to cure completely for at least 12 hours before you connect the new rear view mirror to it. If you mount the mirror prematurely then the pad won't hold the weight.

When purchasing a new rear view mirror you need it to be a good quality product that you can depend on to function properly. Car Parts Discount has a wide variety of day/night rear view mirrors for all vehicles with the best pricing available. CPD is an online automotive superstore available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week for your convenience. We need to insure that the preventive maintenance and repairs we complete on our vehicles are top notch and this requires top notch parts to accomplish this mission.


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