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If you are in the process of a restoration and have come to the end of the paint stage, you are probably taking inventory of your moldings and trim. By far, the longest and largest pieces are your rocker panel moldings. That means that if they are dented, scratched, or pitted then other people are sure to notice. After all, these pieces tend to take a lot of abuse being so close to the ground. There's no way any half-way decent restoration project would include a brand new paint job and tarnished original rocker panel moldings. Which is why replacing them is so important if you want to improve the appearance of your classic car.

Many people think that the term "rocker panel" comes from the presumption that this would be the piece of a coach that would appear to rock when the front and rear wheels would go up and down as it changed elevations. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The rocker panel gets its name from a construction framing term which refers to a false bottom. This panel would span the distance between the front and rear wheels of the coach, and since the floor pan was actually much higher this panel would serve as a decorative addition to the chassis; making its proportions appear more pleasing. It often received a decorative touch such as gold leafing or carving which added to this effect. On automobiles, the rocker panel moldings served as this decorative touch.

Replacing your rocker panel moldings only takes a few minutes as long as you have the correct set of clips. These moldings are usually about 7-feet long, so around a half-dozen clips are used on each side to keep the trim attached to the rocker panel. The clip will likely screw into a pre-drilled hole on the body of the car, and there will be some sort of hangar on the back of the rocker panel molding that slides over the clip. Very simple.

When it comes to the wide variety of reproduction moldings available today, one might find it difficult to pick the best ones. At Car Parts Discount, we offer the highest quality restoration moldings, including rocker panel moldings, for classic cars and trucks. You will find cosmetically correct reproductions of original moldings and trim produced my manufacturers that care about making quality replacement parts. Trust CPD for your restoration parts source.