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Unofficially dubbed a "Saabaru" by enthusiasts, the Saab 9-2X was a badge engineered Subaru Impreza. GM, who wholly owned SAAB and owned a part of Subaru's parent company Fuji Heavy Industries, commissioned the production much to the dismay of SAAB loyalists. It was produced by Subaru in Japan, and shares most of its components with the Impreza of the same year. Certain cosmetic changes, however, were required in order to bring it in line with SAAB's styling strategy. This little bit of dress up was exactly what turned off customers, so much so that the vehicle only lasted two years in the market and sold only 10,000 units. Owners of an Aero model will know that if they need Saab 9-2X parts, they can look to the plethora of Subaru WRX shops for performance upgrades.