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It is very important to have the ability to shift your vehicle properly and to accomplish this you need to have a serviceable shift knob. If you have a manual transmission in your car, truck or SUV it is very frustrating if your shift knob is spinning around while you're attempting to operate the vehicle. This creates a huge distraction that takes your attention off the road and hinders your ability to shift the automobile correctly. This is normally an indication that it might come off in the near future and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. If your vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission then the shift knob normally incorporates a release button that must function correctly to allow you to place it in gear. If this mechanism is not connected appropriately due to a worn or defective knob you may not be able to operate the vehicle at all. Shift knobs also enhance the appearance of the interior of your car or truck and when worn or damaged they become an eye sore. Shift knobs need to be replaced at the early stages of malfunction to avoid total failure that can affect proper control of the vehicle.

Shift knobs are designed in hundreds of different fashions to accent the interior and function as they are required to. They provide a comfortable position for your hands during the shifting process. They also incorporate safety devices such as shifter position locks that prevent the vehicle from being placed in gear accidentally. This prevents vehicle motion if you're not in the driver's seat with your foot on the brake. Custom shift knobs have become more and more popular over the years because they enable you to at a personalized touch to the interior of your automobile.

Replacing a shifter knob can have several variables and complexity levels depending on the car, truck, or SUV you are performing the repair on. If you have an older classic car or truck it can be as easy as unscrewing the old one and screwing the new one on. On newer vehicles it's a whole different ballgame and sometimes requires special tools. You need it evaluate the mounting methods that were utilized in your specific situation. Set screws are a common hardware option used on a lot of applications. Several different configurations are possible depending on what the manufacture was seeking to accomplish. If you are installing a custom aftermarket shifter knob the installation procedures can be completely different from the removal procedures. This will create the ultimate opportunity to change the shifter boot if it is worn or if you want to do an upgrade. Insure that everything is secured and lined up appropriately.

Purchasing a new shifter knob can be fun because you have the opportunity to do something different if you choose to. The main thing to keep in mind is it must fit and function correctly. Shifter knobs come with different thread sizes and attaching hardware so the choice needs to adapt properly to the car or truck you are installing it on. Car Parts Discount is an excellent resource for OEM and aftermarket shifter knobs at the best prices available. CPD is an online automotive super store with quality replacement parts to complete any repairs on all your vehicles.