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Cadillac Shock Absorber

A Cadillac shock absorber is designed for the smoothest ride possible for the passengers of this luxury make of car. It is a closed hydraulic system that does wear out in time depending on the terrain the car travels across and the load placed on the car in terms of weight. On most Cadillac vehicles there are four shock absorbers that are mounted near the wheels. If you have MacPherson struts in the front, then you will only have two shocks in the rear. Each one works independently to help keep the car from bouncing up and down. If a driver notices that the car is bouncing excessively after a bump is encountered on the road, then inspection of this suspension part should be scheduled. Until the problem is addressed, your car can experience increased levels of vibration which could lead to other auto parts failing. Another indication that the Cadillac shock absorbers are beginning to fail is that a leak of fluid from the shaft of the shock will appear. This is a closed hydraulic system and any loss of fluid will impair the shock absorbers ability to reduce the up and down motion of your Cadillac. This type of leak is easiest seen when the car is up on a lift. If just one of the shock absorbers on your Cadillac show signs of leaking or malfunctioning, then it is recommended that both sides should be replaced at the same time. This will help in providing the smoothest possible ride from your luxury vehicle. If only one shock absorber is replaced, the overall ride of your car will be uneven and driver satisfaction will not be at a very high level. The periodic scheduling for replacing this suspension piece is required for your longevity of your car over many years into the future.

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