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Jaguar XK8 Shock Absorber

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Select Your VehicleJaguar automobile owners have come to expect a certain level of sporty handling when driving their XK8 around town. Obviously, you didn't buy your XK8 unless you wanted to buy long-lasting quality and a trusted brand both rolled up into one automobile. Car aficionados know that a reliable name is built into each Jaguar, and know that only top quality replacement XK8 parts will suffice when repairs are needed. It's not all the time that you realize that you have to buy a replacement Shock Absorber to fix your car or truck.

The function and purpose of Shock Absorber.

Could you imagine how uncomfortable your suspension would be if it didn't dampen impact? Shock absorbers were one of the early 20th century's biggest innovations, and the comfort they brought to drivers was so impressive that all vehicles afterward, including yours, have benefited from them. Without your Jaguar XK8 shock absorbers, the feeling you get while driving down the road would be much worse. The shocks on your car or truck have a valve that creates hydraulic pressure inside the cylinder with every movement. This pressure forces a piston to compress a pocket of charged gas that resists and rebounds against it. This resistance is what absorbs vibration and impact. Today, many small vehicles have replaced their shock absorbers with strut and coil spring assemblies; but not your Jaguar XK8.

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