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Mazda Shock Absorber

It is the Mazda Shock Absorbers that provide the dampening power so components on your vehicle and occupants do not feel the ill effects of constant jarring when obstacles are encountered on the road.

The shock absorber is the hydraulic component on your Mazda that controls the vertical movement of the vehicle by dampening this movement in a smooth and continuous manner so the occupants are not jarred as they were in the stage coaches of yesteryear.

It is the seals in the shock absorbers that eventual fail causing this vertical controlling device to no longer have the capabilities to control the bouncing of your Mazda when you encounter an obstacle on the road. If you suspect your Mazda shock absorbers are no longer functioning as they should, then there is a simple test the owner can do to confirm or deny this.

This simple test is referred to by most technicians as the bounce test. This is accomplished by depressing one of the corners of your vehicle and releasing it. The number of times the body of your Mazda moves up then down again has to be recorded. If the body movement is only up then back to the original position, the shock absorbers are functioning as designed. With an increase in number of times the body bounces up and down, the more worn the shocks are on your vehicle.

Because the shock absorbers are a hydraulic component with hydraulic fluid and seals, they can also leak this fluid causing them to be faulty. If this type of leak is noticed during a visual inspection of the shocks, a smooth ride will not be obtainable until they are replaced.

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