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Volkswagen Shock Absorber

Every Volkswagen shock absorber has a dampening power that will prevent excessive vertical movement of the vehicle for an extended period of time. The shock absorber on your Volkswagen is made of metal, but also uses a hydraulic system with a piston that in time will show signs of wear and begin to malfunction but the presents of a seal rupturing. What most people do not realize is that the Volkswagen shock absorbers are not only there to make the passengers ride more comfortable, but also to help prolong the life of nearly every other chassis and suspension component on the vehicle. It is the excessive jarring the other components experience when the shock absorbers are worn that causes them to wear prematurely. This is how not replacing these suspension components on your vehicle can actually lead to a higher cost of repairs on your vehicle. To test the shock absorbers on your Volkswagen manually the bounce test is utilized by most owners. This test involves the compression of a shock by a person manually pushing down on a corner of the vehicle and releasing then pressure on it. When the pressure is released the body of the vehicle will begin to move up and down. The more movement or number of time the body goes up and down indicate the wear on this suspension component. As a reference point, a new shock will allow the body to move up then back to a resting position. What should also be know is that if one of the shock absorbers on your Volkswagen is showing signs of wear and in need of replacement, the others on your vehicle should also be replaced at the same time. They all will be close to being in the same condition since each one has experienced the same time period of usage and exposure to being used on the vehicle.

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