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Shock Boot & Strut Bellows

Aftermarket & OEM Shock Boot & Strut Bellows

Broken and crumbling shock boot bellows and strut bellows will cause the seals in your shocks and struts to be exposed to the elements in the atmosphere and from the road's surface. With cracks in these protective covers occur, the shocks and struts can lose their ability to contain the hydraulic fluid in their interior causing them to fail. This is why failing shock boot bellows and strut bellows can lead to a rough and unstable ride of the vehicle because many of the other components they protect prematurely wear. This uncomfortable ride will also place undue wear on all components on the vehicle causing them to prematurely fail in time.

Both the shock boot bellows and strut bellows are made from a long lasting polymer that is flexible in its nature when new. It is placed on the cylinder of the shocks and struts. It covers the shaft on both suspension components that moved in and out of the cylinder sections of these components. Not all shocks and struts have bellows on them. The types that do not have shock boot bellows and strut bellows utilize a metal sleeve over this otherwise exposed shaft on them.

The replacement of the shock boot bellows and strut bellows requires that the vehicle be lifted into the air so the stress is removed from the suspension system. Removal of the old shock boot bellows and strut bellows have to be completed before the new components are put into place after the area is cleaned of any debris that has accumulated there. Once in place, the shocks or struts have to be remounted to the vehicle. The shocks and struts are now protected from the elements once again to help prevent premature wearing of these components.