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Why you should replace your broken side marker lights and lenses.

When operating your vehicle at night, it is very important to have all of the lights on your vehicle in proper working order - and that includes the side marker lights. These lights highlight your vehicle and make it more visible to other drivers. They increase the overall safety of the vehicle and in most cases they enhance the overall appearance of your vehicle as well. Sometimes people overlook side marker lights and don't realize their importance, but they do help prevent accidents. If these lights require replacement, it's normally easy and not very expensive. If you have a broken side marker lens there are several issues this can cause if the bulb is exposed and shows a clear light, which can confuse other drivers. If lenses are broken or cracked, it allows moisture to enter the light assembly causing damage. If corrosion or rust is allowed to build up in the light sockets, it will also require replacement. Children are curious and if they see this they might touch them not being aware of the rough or sharpened edges and could get hurt. For some of these reasons, plus the pride we have with the condition of our vehicles, these repairs should not be prolonged.

Why do our cars have amber and red side markers?

New Side Marker Lights and LensesThe whole concept of side marker lights actually started with the use of reflectors to make vehicles more visible at night. This evolved into the use of lights because they produce their own light instead of depending on another source like reflectors do. Manufacturers started by putting side marker lights on their higher end models to give them a more classic design and stand out more. If you bought a Ford, then it probably wouldn't have them; but a Lincoln or Mercury would. When it was discovered that it also increased the safety of vehicles, the lights then started to be standard on most vehicles.

A very, very, very easy job.

In most cases, side marker lights and lenses are very easy to replace and it doesn't take a lot of tools or time. On some vehicles this may only require a Philips head screwdriver and a couple minutes of your time. On some vehicles you need to remove the lenses before you can remove the side marker light assembly, which usually involves removing two screws. On others it may be a one-piece component where the light just twists out to remove it. Remember that whenever you work on any automotive electrical system parts, they usually have safety clips on the wiring harness to keep things from coming loose while driving. It is essential that these clips are removed and replaced very carefully and not damaged. After you change the side marker light, you should take a minute to check all lights on the vehicle for proper operation.

Help us help keep you safe.

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