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Chevrolet Side Marker Light & Lens

It is the placement of the Chevrolet Side Marker Lights that not only add accent to your illumination of your vehicle at night but help others that are perpendicular to you so they can see the presence of your vehicle near them.

The most common reason for one or more of the side marker lights to be faulty is when one or more of the Chevrolet side marker lenses are cracked. This crack permits moisture to enter this unit which will short out the light bulb inside of it. The only way to prevent the reoccurrence of this is to inspect and replace any component that will permit the entrance of moisture to the side marker lens on your Chevrolet.

Another place to look for a leak in the side marker light unit is in the gasket surrounding the side marker lens. This is a polymer gasket that can also dry out over time from being exposed to the environment the exterior of the Chevrolet experiences throughout the year.

The cracks in these lighting units can be caused by an accident, vandalism along with exposure to the sun?s UV rays. They are made of a polymer and will also crack over time due to exposure. These cracks caused by the sun will only be minute or hair line in their thickness. The owner of the Chevrolet might not think these small cracks will permit moisture to enter, but they will.

Another way of determining if moisture is penetrating the side markers is to wash your vehicle and let it dry in the sun. If moisture appears behind the lenses, then there is a leak and the cause for the bulbs in this lighting system to short out.

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