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If you start your car or truck when the engine is cold and acknowledge a winding noise exhibited from the engine compartment you may have a defective smog pump or air pump hose creating this issue. This component is responsible for the appropriate air flow to the air pump. You may also have a visual indication of this malfunction by the engine light on the dashboard illuminating. You should conduct a thorough inspection to check the serviceability of the hose assembly. If you don't discovery any apparent defects you should squeeze the hose to see if it collapses easily. If it does feel weak and collapses this device should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent more extensive repairs such as replacing the air pump or other associated components.

The smog pump hose directs inlet air from the air filter box to the pump to facilitate its operation. The pump increases the air pressure to the appropriate level to operate the emissions system and accelerates the warming up process of the motor. These hoses must be maintained appropriately for an automobile to pass required emission testing. Most states have an annual inspection program established that incorporates emission compliance. If the check engine light is illuminated due to this condition being present, then that will be strike two and must also be corrected to meet inspection requirements.

When replacing a air pump hose the complexity level is determined by the air inlet configuration incorporated and the location of the device. You may be required to remove several obstacles or components to facilitate access to the hose. After you obtain access to the component it is normally removed and replaced very easily by removing the hose clamps that secure it into the air filter box and the pump.

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