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Chevrolet Spark Plug Wires

The Chevrolet spark plug wires that come standard on your car will last for several years, but like all parts of your ignition system, replacement is required over time. It is well known that a tune-up includes the changing of the spark plugs, but little thought is placed on the spark plug wires until the wire is frayed or ripped. As a proud Chevrolet owner, the performance and mileage of their car is a concern. This can only be accomplished if all of the engines systems are working correctly. The spark plug wires do not have any moving parts, but just like all electrical items and cables its ability to transfer the electrical impulse will diminish over time. Over the years, the standard Chevrolet spark plug wires have been both the solid copper core and the carbon conductor types. Each type has its own inherent advantages and disadvantages. The carbon conductor spark plug wires are now on the newer Chevrolet models, and are generally considered an improvement in the conducting of the electrical impulses over its copper rival. They are also weaker at the connection to the plug. If the wire is pulled and not the socket at the end of the wire, the attachment to the plug can be torn off and a new wire is required. It is best to slightly spin the socket, loosening its grip on the plug before pulling it so easy separation from the plug can be accomplished. If a spark plug wire on your Chevrolet engine needs to be replaced for any reason an entirely new set should be placed on your vehicle. This is highly recommended due to the sensitivity and precision the engines are regulated and operate today. An even amount of the electrical impulse being sent to each plug is one of the requirements for a smooth running engine.

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