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Dodge Spark Plug Wires

There is usually a Dodge spark plug wire going to each cylinder on the engine of this type of vehicle. On the older models, one end of the spark plug wire is connected to the distributor. On the newer model Dodges it is connected directly to the ignition coil. Over the life time of an engine a new set of spark plug wires could be required once or twice. This replacement is not done as often as the spark plugs, but should be done about every 60,000 to 75,000 miles. Failure to do so and the amount of current this auto part can transfer to the plugs could diminish. If the Dodge owner is testing their spark plugs and find one faulty, they should next test the spark plug wire. This is a common practice to make sure the plug is receiving sufficient electrical impulses to create the spark. Faulty Dodge spark plug wires have the same symptoms as faulty spark plugs in which the engine is not performing at its expected rate and the mileage of the vehicle is dropping. Replacement is the only solution if the wires are worn and cannot longer perform their designed function. Today there are two types of spark plug wires that can be used. The older style has a metal wire core that the electrical impulse travels through. The second is a carbon impregnated fiber core that conducts the electricity. Both are capable of generating enough energy for the spark plug to fire. The glass fiber wires transfer the electrical impulses better but the metal core wires are physically stronger. If, when removing the wires on your Dodge engine, the end connecting the spark plug to them is broken off, then only the metal core style wire can be reattached.

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